One Man Home Delivery Dinner Theatre

One Man Home Delivery Dinner Theatre
2000, Hi-8, 15 min.


An arrogant Actor is simply too good for any director in town - so he has devised a way of presenting his version of Hamlet, HIS way - he brings it to your home and performs it for you, while simultaneously preparing a meal for you. He combines dinner theatre and a one man show. The problem is that he chooses to do his Hamlet in its full, four-hour uncut form, performing every single part by himself. And he will NOT TOLERATE any distractions from his audience.


One Man Home Delivery Dinner Theatre was shot over two days during the editing of The Fourth Wall. The editing of Fourth Wall took a year, as it was done completely on a linear system, and during that time, One Man was done as a way of taking a break from that lengthy, tedious process. This one also was screened fairly regularly on public access for a while, since it, like St. Gladys, is exactly fifteen minutes long and great as filler.

Screened at The Chicago Short Film & Video Comedy Festival, 2000


Rich Helland . . . . . The Actor
Macy Lawrence . . . . . The Wife
Simon Clements . . . . . The Husband

Written and directed by . . . . . Chris McCaleb
Sound . . . . . Reid Robinson

Thanks to . . . . . Brian McCartney