The St. Gladys Situation

The St. Gladys Situation
1997, Hi-8, 15 min.


Gladys is a woman who has a special talent. If something is wrong with your pet, just bring it to sweet little Gladys, and she'll make it well again. Whether it's a cat with distemper, a dog that's been run over, or a gerbil that got sucked up into the vacuum cleaner - she can work miracles, bringing your pet back to the way it was.

But the priests over at Holy Mother of God don't like this lady moving in on their territory - miracles and resurrections are THEIR business.

So before Rome can get wise, the Cardinal dispatches three gun-wielding priests to Gladys' apartment to verify whether this lady is the "real deal" or not. What they find makes them take steps to shut her down... PERMANENTLY.


The St. Gladys Situation was the first official "Hand/Eye" production. Shot over the course of a week in a borrowed apartment with borrowed equipment and a cast borrowed completely from the "Stone Circle Theatre Ensemble," the production was completed on a zero budget (Well, maybe around $400) and edited at a Time-Warner public access station in Addison. It is also very likely still in rotation as filler material for public access on Chicago's Prime Cable, as its exact fifteen-minute running length makes it a great way to round out the hour.

Screened at the Around the Coyote Festival, 1999.


Brian McCartney . . . . . Brannard
Casey Hayes . . . . . Ganossi
Simon Clements . . . . . McNeal
Macy Lawrence . . . . . Gladys
John Kepler . . . . . The Cardinal

Jack McBrayer
Jessica McCartney
Leigh Green
Ami Franklin
. . . . . The Neighbors
Ben Benedict . . . . . Kenneth

Written and directed by . . . . . Chris McCaleb
Photography . . . . . Bill Castrogiovanni
Sound . . . . . Ethan Einhorn

Thanks to . . . . . Anna and Charlie Ward