The Plant

The Plant
2001, mini-DV, 31 min.


A struggling theatre company is losing money on a disastrous production of Agamemnon. Desperate, and without telling the cast, the Manager brings in a professional Plant - someone who sits in the audience and uses their subliminal and hypnotic influence to convince everyone that they're seeing a great show.

Everything works for a while - until the Plant notices that, despite his "enjoyment" of the show, people still seem to be bored by it. He realizes that there can be only one answer - the theatre company has an "Anti-Plant" working against them. It is up to the Plant to find his invisible foe and take him on in a showdown to make the production successful.


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Casey Hayes . . . . . The Plant
Ann Keen . . . . . The Manager
Rich Helland . . . . . The Actor
Jessica McCartney . . . . . The Actress

Brian McCartney . . . . . The Anti-Plant

The Audience

Ed Ahigian
Anthony Alvarez
Ali Balong
Mark Bishop
Simon Clements
Shannon Colbert
Cory Conrad
Butch Douglas
Erin Fenner
Beth Hayes
Mike Hayes
Joe Hunsaker
Dan Irwin
Kristy Kambanis
Jill Kushner
Macy Lawrence
Wesley MacMillan
Kris Marich
Molly Martin
Jerri McGinnis
Katie McLean
Amy Monfort
Benjamin Montague
Kimberly Pierce
Sean Schubert
Adrian Slobin
Heather Tessman
Mary Trull
Linda Wagner
Cindi Webber
Delilah Zak

Written and directed by . . . . . Chris McCaleb
Lighting / Sound . . . . . Simon Clements
Macy Lawrence
Agamemnon Costumes by . . . . . Angelo Petronio
Music by . . . . . Sir Malcolm Arnold

Four Welsh Dances, Op. 138
Four Cornish Dances, Op. 91

Shot at . . . . . Duncan YMCA
Chernin Center for the Arts
Chicago, Illinois

Thanks to . . . . . Pam Dickler
Roy Roseborough
Roger Spencer
Dale Baker
Naomi Landman
Delilah Zak