114: Mazinga Has MS Office Experience
113: Harold Says Methinks and Mazinga Bluescreens
112: Mazinga Talks With A Contractor
111: Attack of Mazinga's Conscience
110: The Six Stages of Shogun Warrior Grief / Regret
109: The 5000 Taleos of Your Job Search
108: A Warrior Reflects on His Career Pt. 2
107: Please Recommend Mazinga
106: From This Day Forth
105: A Warrior Reflects on His Career
104: Pivot Tables and You
103: Things People Say to the Recently Unemployed
102: Gerwelter-Schmertzen-Freundik
101: Mazinga Format Template
100: Mazinga is Temporarily Extended
99: The King of Hell
98: Mazinga Trainee Has Good News and Bad News
97: Confessions of a Diary of a Nympho-Shopaholic
96: Advice on Ant Farm Ownership
95: Tacit Approval
94: It Also Serves As a Handy Bottle Opener
93: Denied
92: Meaningless Noise!
91: How Can The Answer Be Yes
90: 86% Misconstrued
89: The Internet Fully Explains Your Error Log
88: Tales of the Mazinga Trainee
87: Mazinga Trainee!
86: Schrodinger's Shogun
85: Beware the Sea-Mon--OH! Sorry, wrong lab!
84: The ATM in Hell
83: Cooperation!
82: War-Cries of the Shogun Warrior
80: Son of Mothra Updates His Status
79: Mazinga Halloween Special
78: Sometimes You Lose Track of What Has Been Miniaturized
Mazinga Knows Why the Caged Bird Sings
77: Mazinga vs. Karma
76: Congress Is In One of Its Moods
75: Mu
74: Mazinga Goes to Hell
73: Mazinga's Correct Daytime Number
72: Are We Not All Illuminated
71: Not Enough Terror
70: Perhaps They Are Not So Different After All
69: The Queen Will See Reason
68: Would it Kill Mazinga to Just Apologize
67: Alternate Universe Mazingas
66: Son of Mothra Issues a Proviso
65: To Apology Stations!
64: Elizabethan Mazinga Theatre
63: The Ultimate Battle
62: The Mad Scientist Newsletter
61: Helen May Have Minimized The Ants
60: What Fools These Tiny People Be!
59: Doomsday Scenarios 68 thru 71
58: Grammar Tiger Cannot Be Fed He Must Hunt!!
57: Escape from the Clip Art Nation
56: Amongst the Clip Art People
55: A Perfect Time For Your Vacation
54: It Has To Go Somewhere
53: Official Reaping Messaging
52: The Time of Reaping
51: In the Math Dimension
50: Mazinga vs. Sarbanes-Oxley
This is the Exact Form of a Recent Conversation I Had With The Person Who Inspired Harold Q. Thunderpants
Hunt for the Surplus Pt 5: The Modern Executive
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All Takin' and No Givin'
Acceptable for Informal Usage
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An Enfactionalized Electorate
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Mazinga Accidentally Hits F1 During Battle
Buses Are Big, and Yellow
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Mazinga Is Not Afraid to Get Grassroots
Oldest Trick in the Transforming Book
No Names While Transformed!
No Less of a Mech For It
The Transforming Variety
Let Him Be Praised Lest He Go Unpraised
Prepare Ye The Way
Mazinga Leaves Forever
Not To Be All Cease and Desist About It
Groizer's Mazinga Attachment
Do Not Miss Groizer Mod-Show '07
Ultra Turbo Panic Rocket - Go!
Ultraman Can't Lose With the Dallas Route
Do Not Dare Be Over By Congress
Congressional Anti-Mech Defense Matrix
The Story of Mazinga's Life - Pt. 3
A Reasonable Offer
The Double-Edged Sword of Not Being Patriotic
An Enemy Emboldened
Groizer X's Book of Whores
Do Not Say Paper Clips to Groizer X
A Horrific and Non-Binding Manifestation
A Rabid and Purely Symbolic Wolverine
Mazinga Gives Aid and Support to the Wrong
The Story of Mazinga's Life - Pt. 2
The Battle of the Unblinking Eye
Mazinga's Friends Do Not Reply to All
Do Not Look Congress in the Eyes
The Story of Mazinga's Life - Pt. 1
Mazinga vs. the Electoral College
Mazinga's Secret Weakness
Mazinga is in Good Hands
Mazinga vs. the Christian Singles